Gujarat, with its rich biodiversity, is regarded as the gene treasure and is one of the 34 Biodiversity hotspots of the world, having, and 2198 species of higher plants belonging to 902 genera and 155 families which represent 12.91 per cent of the flora of the country and 2728 species of animals belonging to different taxa recorded from Gujarat. The fauna recorded from Gujarat is about 3.51 percent of the total Indian fauna.

Dedicated program for screening and identification of new genes is required as genome initiative. More than 32 genome initiatives have been taken while all these are programs are operating with huge investment and are expected to generate new genes / genetic information, it is felt that a small step in this regard may be taken by Gujarat.

GSBTM has established Gujarat Genomic initiative (GGI). GGI is a multi-unit, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional initiative and an umbrella program of state government with participating faculty, students, scientists and biotechnology industries.It is developed as multi-institutional efforts and in initial phase, involve key state government organizations – Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, DST, Government of Gujarat, Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS), Government of Gujarat(GOG) and Gujarat Forest Department.

GSBTM has established laboratory facilities in space allotted for this initiative by DFS. Activity focus is on genomics and molecular biotechnology operations including specialized research laboratories, training activities, infrastructure and equipment for the biotechnology community of gujarat. This initiative aims to help in creating top level genomics culture in Gujarat and generating a new economic opportunities in the field of high-end biotechnology. It also aims in building-up genomics infrastructure which will enable gujarat in achieving international competency and standards. This initiative aims to develop the large-scale consortia of academia, institutes and biotechnology industries with a highly diverse network of professionals.