Human Resource Development

Training and Dissertations: GGI intercedes in training programs supporting faculties, postgraduate, M. Phil and Ph. D students. From 15th- 21st May 2013, Faculty Development Program in DNA Barcoding [Plants, animals and microbes) was organized. Teachers, scientists and researchers were invited to participate in the workshop. Eleven faculties benefited from FDP.

Student Training Program

GSBTM provides active training platform for postgraduate students of biotechnology and allied areas. Major focus of training program is to strengthen the student skill for basic and advance molecular biology tools and techniques.

Internal Staff Training ( 6th May -10th May 2013 ) :-

Staff was given hands on training on Procurement Procedures, Good Laboratory Practices, Sample Collection, DNA Isolation, PCR, RT-PCR and Sequencing.

Demonstration Session on DNA Barcoding :-

DNA Barcoding demonstration session (15th Feb 2014): Trained 33 Post graduate students of M.S. University, Baroda, Department of Botany.

Dissertations Supported

GSBTM is providing dissertation in various areas of biotechnology and bioinformatics to students across Gujarat and outside Gujarat free of cost. In 2013-2014, 10 students have been given guidance and provision for dissertation.