Research at GGI

GGIDNA Based QC, QA services: GGI provides custom services to pharma and fermentation biotechnology companies for sequencing based identification and mutation detection services as per USFDA compliances.



 Bacterial & Fungal Identification: 16S rDNA partial and full gene sequencing and D2 LSU rDNA Sequencing.



 AFLP based analysis: AFLP is a highly sensitive method for detecting polymorphisms in DNA.AFLP has become widely used for identification of genetic variation in strains or closely related species of plants, fungi, animals and bacteria.



 RAPD based analysis: Genomic DNA isolation,PCR using random primer, study polymorphism, PCR amplicons sized on genetic analyzer.



 ISSR based analysis: ISSR uses the presence throughout the genome of Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) which are ubiquitous, abundant and highly polymorphic tandem repeat motifs composed of 1 to 7 nucleotides.



 Gene Expression Study: Study of gene expression using Real Time PCR.