First Bacterial genome sequenced from India: A Global contribution in the field of Microbial Genomics

GGI has completed whole genome sequencing of Acidithiobacillus sp. GGI-221.

Acidithiobacillus is an important bacteria studied widely for bioleaching [extraction of metals]. It also offers exceptional opportunities probe life in extremely acidic environments. It may also offer insights into ancient ways of life in Archaean, acidic seas and suggest potential biomarkers to be used when searching for evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

This bacterial genome is first bacterial whole genome released by NCBI from gujarat, India and 4 more genomes are in progress shall be submitted soon from gujarat by GGI, GSBTM. With this genome release, GGI, GSBTM. Gujarat is also enlisted in the reputed list of international organizations dealing in bacterial whole genome sequencing.

So far, whole genome sequencing of 18 genomes has been completed. The list is provided below

Genomes completed

Pontibacter sp. BAB1700 Brevibacillusagri BAB-2500
Arthrobactercrystallopoietes BAB-32 Haloferax sp. BAB2207
Halobacillus sp. BAB-2008 Acidithiobacillus sp. GGI-221
Hydrocarbon metagenome Bacillus amyloliquefaciens GGI-18
Panthera leo persica [Multi Isolate] Mitochondrial Genome Panthera leo persica [Mono Isolate] Mitochondrial Genome
Panthera leo persica Whole Genome Saline Desert S1 Metagenome
Saline Desert S2 Metagenome Saline Desert S3 Metagenome
Saline Desert S4 Metagenome Saline Desert S5 Metagenome
Saline Desert S6 Metagenome Saline Desert S7 Metagenome